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Jared Silver

Personal Blog
Jared Silver is a teenage entrepreneur dedicated to making a difference. You can read about his mission and goals here:

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Greg Chadwick

I'm a full time marketer and operate a large network of list builders, ad exchanges, text ad exchanges, safelists and traffic exchanges.

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Steve Taurman

Hi folks! I am a full time online internet marketer and have many other websites as well.

Please check out my site dedicated to programs that pay you 100% Commissions! If you know of more that I don't have listed feel free to contact me via my help desk. You can find all my other sites I own at the bottom of the page!
Michael Harris

Personal Blog
I am a very hard working internet marketer who has learned the hard way how to achieve success. I believe in helping others achieve the success they desire and by doing so I achieve my own success. I am currently one of the 75 Senior Monitors that monitor our live business center for Worldprofit Inc where we help people build their home based businesses around the world. I also own an income tax business and a large rental business. I am family man and love all my grands.
I believe in finding, testing and sharing programs that work on the net and then helping others be successful with these programs as well.
As we grow together we build a stable and bright future for us all.
Paula Frye

Personal Blog
Hi. I'm an Internet Marketer. I mainly sell things as an affiliate and work a few MLM businesses.

My #1 business is Skinny Body Care. Please join with us! . It's been paying me weekly for 7 years now!


Joseph Gannon

Personal Blog
I'm a 38 year old single father with a passion to help people achieve financial independence. Our Federal Government (US) has lied to us since the early 1900's, and it's time we start taking our lives and our freedoms back, and I'm here with my programs to help you do just that.

I've developed several programs and connected all of them, programs designed to help you get ahead financially.
Antoine Joseph

Personal Blog
I am an avid Online Entrepreneur who firmly believes in, and have realized massive success through helping others.
I am a product creator and continually seek new avenues to expand opportunity. My latest creation is - a simple but effective platform designed to create wealth in a portfolio of popular passive programs.

No one is a stranger to me... so friend, feel free to connect with me anytime!

To work with me directly: Click HERE :
Frank Salinas

Husband, Father, Texan, and Marketer who loves to help new people getting started online. If you want a coach to get you on the right track, get in contact with me. I have 5 slots open this month.
Ronald Lentz

Personal Blog
Hello, fellow business associates, just want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I've been advertising different niche online for a bout a year, with some success. I graduated with first class honors from Winston-Salem State University with a degree in economics. I joined RJR Tobacco Company in 1983 in sales. In 1993 during the downsizing period at RJR I started looking for other mean of income. I just want to encourage the Worldprofit's Family to beleive in God and yourself, and 'All Things Are Possible.
thomas rutledge

Hi all,
My philosophy is to help others achieve their financial goals. I own some traffic safelist sites and a few income sites as well. The ones i am promoting at the moment are

As you see all the links come from just one site, which increases site recognition for SEO. They also happen to be tracking links.
Alf Osterberg

Personal Blog
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Alf Osterberg
Ben Olszewski

Personal Blog
I own a membership site where you can advertise your promotions. Join and then hit me up on email for a free Elite Upgrade and some extra credits for marketing:

My name is Ben Olszewski and I like to go by Network Marketing Family Man when doing my online marketing (father of three).

My story is the same as most...

I needed to earn extra for the growing family and went online looking for answers. Basically I struggled and spent money I didn't have for many years.

I finally found a few great mentors, slowed down and learned some skills to pay the bills!

Secret: The fact that you are here on this site is a good know marketing is critical!! These viral mailers (safelists), traffic exchanges, etc. work! have to do it on a massive scale.

If you need some tips reach out to me.

Andrea Richards

Hello Online Associates,
My goal is to be success online. My way of accomplishing this is to have a well balance income stream of products and services that compliment each other. My goal and current hobbies are to give back to the community and the less fortunate. I hope to one day open a charitable organization.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work--Thomas A Edison"

Courtney Thompson

My mission is helping all fellow marketers on my team work from home full-time. Contact me with any questions at Marketing is serious business; but let's have some fun as well.

You will find top flight advertising / marketing tools at"
Kymm Reynolds

Personal Blog
I'm the owner/admin of 4 TAEs...
Use promo code Traffic for your starter ads package and check them out.

I am also currently working within an amazing community build program called The7DaySuccessPlan and on the back of that have set up THE Ultimate Downline Builder.

Check it out by clicking my 'website' link.
You'll be amazed at what it has to offer even if you are not a member of any of its Partner Programs.

You might also want to check out my blog for more details and occasional special offers.

Oh yeah, I offer full support and plenty of bribes and FREEBIES for joining.

I have been online now for 5 years and this is exactly what I have been looking for, but could never seem to find, so I put ALL my experience and what I know works into one site so that I can share it and help others find success online now too.

I can now build ALL my business' and advertising sites using just one link and promote ALL simultaneously through the resources within UDB too.

Hey, maybe it's what you've been looking for. If so I look forward to working with you.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. I love making new friends too.
Lewis Jackson

Hello Marketer,

Did you know most marketers have probably
joined all the programs they need to join?

It's just a matter of putting it all together
the right way. You know the playing field
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day. So how do the so-called gurus do it?!

I can't make you a millionaire, but I do
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My newsletter, "What Works For Me,"
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Lewis Jackson

PS: Most marketers are just part of an
"affiliate farm" where program owners
know they're milking them like cows!
I will show you how to escape the online
rat race.

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